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Equip is a student network for Christ-centered Bible teaching and discipleship.

“SURVIVOR: Outlive… Outlearn…. Outlove”?

Well, planning for Equip Summer Camp 2014 is underway.  The theme this year is “Survivor…Outlive, Outlearn, and Outlove”.  For some of you who have seen the reality t.v. show, it will all make sense.  For those of you who have not….. well, just have fun with it!  The messages from the speakers will be focused on how we can “live” lives that are different then the rest of the world around us and how we can be equipped and “outlearn” God’s word, and then how we can serve others by “outloving”.  I hope it will be practical for every student that comes.  We are also planning some seminar talks on “surviving middle-school” and “surviving relationships with family and friends”, as well as “life after high school”.  As always, we will look to see what God’s word says first and foremost and see how we might apply God’s truth to our lives. With a theme like “Survivor”, the team recreation portion will have to be Epic, so look forward to that as well.

I hope if you are reading this and are a parent, you are encouraged to send your child to a summer camp like ours.  If you are a parent or student who was invited to camp by someone who is involved in their church youth ministry or group, awesome!  We are glad to have you come and get to know others and us, as we share with you our love for our great Savior who redeemed and saved us!

If you are a youth leader, I hope our camp will serve you and your local church ministry well.  Finally, if you are a middle schooler or high school student actully reading this post, you are a encouragement to me.  You are checking out what you are getting yourself into this summer… will you survive?  Praying you will!  Have questions?  Always feel free to email us